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Month: August 2013

Transition Survival Guide

Okay, this post is a bit of a “cheat” because I really don’t know how to survive a transition in ministry.  I have no real guide, because I’m still IN the transition.  I’ve not emerged on the other side yet.  I only know some of the things that have happened along the way.  So don’t… Read More ›


As a teenager, I remembered driving down the road and pulling up to a red light next to what appeared to be a beautiful Lamborghini Countach.  It was bright red with chrome rims.  The dude inside looked like Magnum P.I. (which, at the time was still cool).  As I sat next to him at the… Read More ›

3-5 Acre Kingdoms

I had lunch yesterday with a local pastor.   We talked about church, ministry, and what our vision(s) are for ministering in an increasingly skeptical culture.  We also talked a lot about our town. The town we live in has over 120 churches.  It’s a town of only 55,000 people within 65 square miles.  As my… Read More ›

Sitting on the Sidelines

You ever have the feeling that in spite of all that you do (or have done), that you really haven’t been in the game? When I was a kid, I played soccer (I know, that’s a football picture above…get over it).  Because every kid plays a sport that’s not popular in the U.S. unless you’re… Read More ›

What Sound Do You Make?

Sounds are tricky things.  They can be soothing – like the hum of a fan on a summer day.  Or they can drive you mad – like the way the scream of a toddler can somehow pierce your skull through the ear canals and disable all higher brain functions. There is music.  There is noise…. Read More ›

Holding My Breath…

Three months ago, I jumped. I’d been involved in a church for 11 years as Creative Arts Pastor.  For most of those years, I could never imagine doing anything else.  But I jumped out. God said, “Go,” and I did. I won’t lie.  During this season, I’ve wept for what I’ve left behind.  I’ve pondered… Read More ›

The New Legalism

I grew up in a great church.  It was one of the most caring, accepting, and nurturing communities I have ever been a part of.  But I had the misconception that such an environment was normal.  I did not appreciate how loving the church was until I grew up and moved away from the area… Read More ›