Nothing is truly ordinary

Month: November 2013

No Thanks?

In just a couple of days, many people will be sitting down at a table somewhere engorging themselves on turkey, casseroles, bread, and assorted desserts.  There will be laughter, celebration of families re-united, and most likely a turkey-induced nap in the living room while some football game is playing.  Kids will watch the parade, and… Read More ›

Zoinks! When Fear Makes Us Stupid.

I grew up watching reruns of Scooby Doo.  Yes, I even remember the crossover episodes with Jerry Reed and Batman and Robin.  I get nauseated just recalling the dialogue and plot twists.  “It’s Old Man Withers!”  It should have been called Cheesy-Doo, but that probably more accurately represents something I found in back of the… Read More ›

Our Greatest Sin…

Our greatest sin is simple:  WE DO NOT BELIEVE. Oh, sure…we say we do.  We desperately WANT to.  We can remember the moment where we made a decision TO believe.  And we may believe enough – to pray, to hope, and to find comfort when things get rough.  We may believe enough to go to church or open our… Read More ›

A Plea to Ministry Leaders

First off, we want to say we love you. Your vision.  Your dreams.  They have helped shape the world in some small way.  Or maybe in a big way.  You have made a difference. Your teaching.  Your preaching.  Your writing.  Your hard work. So thank you for your obedience and your heart.  Keep chasing after… Read More ›

The Blockbuster Church?

It’s 1995.  It’s a Friday night.  You don’t want to go out, so you decide to stay in.  The plan is to order pizza.  But first, it’s a trip to the movie mecca:  Blockbuster. You walk in, past the “be kind, rewind” signs and movie drop-off points.  You skip past the comedy and drama sections… Read More ›

The Heart of Community

  Community. That word sits parked at the middle of many church titles.  “******* Community Church.” In the 90s, this word became a part of church culture.  Everybody wanted it.  Everybody claimed it in their titles.  It’s non-denominational “vibe” replaced words like Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist on their church signs. Community was THE buzz word…. Read More ›


The first rule of Fight Club?  You don’t talk about fight club. But I’m going to talk about it.  I have to. I want to talk about the way a mother told her daughter not to talk to my daughter because of the church our family attended. I want to talk about the way pastors… Read More ›