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The Blockbuster Church?

It’s 1995.  It’s a Friday night.  You don’t want to go out, so you decide to stay in.  The plan is to order pizza.  But first, it’s a trip to the movie mecca:  Blockbuster. You walk in, past the “be kind, rewind” signs and movie drop-off points.  You skip past the comedy and drama sections… Read More ›

The Heart of Community

  Community. That word sits parked at the middle of many church titles.  “******* Community Church.” In the 90s, this word became a part of church culture.  Everybody wanted it.  Everybody claimed it in their titles.  It’s non-denominational “vibe” replaced words like Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist on their church signs. Community was THE buzz word…. Read More ›


The first rule of Fight Club?  You don’t talk about fight club. But I’m going to talk about it.  I have to. I want to talk about the way a mother told her daughter not to talk to my daughter because of the church our family attended. I want to talk about the way pastors… Read More ›

Puppets on Strings?

  In ministry, sacrifice is critical.  After all, the core of our faith is based on the ultimate sacrifice Christ made on the cross.  We are to to die to our old selves.  Those of us called into ministry, especially, know that we have chosen a path that will often require us to set aside… Read More ›

Here’s Your Sign

I saw this church sign yesterday.  It simply asked, “What could this sign say to get you here Sunday?” My first thought was, “Free Beer.”  (Laugh, but it would probably work). Joking aside, the sign left me with an uneasy feeling – not about that church in particular, but about our church culture in general…. Read More ›

Cheer Mongers – Are We Really “Leading” Worship?

I have been a “worship leader” in some form or another for 20 years.  And with that, I have a few confessions to make: I remember “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” when it was new, and I thought it was going to change everything (it did).  I now literally get nauseated when I… Read More ›

It’s Time to Break Down the Walls

In 2010, I took a trip to New York City with my former pastor.  I think it was an eye-opening experience for both of us.  If you’ve ever been to (or lived in) NYC, then you know that “fast-paced” is an understatement.  Though seeing the sights and the culture of a mega-city was incredibly exciting,… Read More ›

Awkward Hug

My dad used to tell me a story about when I was a little kid and we were at playground at a public park.  I was playing in a sandbox with another kid (whom I did not know), and this kid gets mad at me and throws sand in my face.  While I have no… Read More ›

3-5 Acre Kingdoms

I had lunch yesterday with a local pastor.   We talked about church, ministry, and what our vision(s) are for ministering in an increasingly skeptical culture.  We also talked a lot about our town. The town we live in has over 120 churches.  It’s a town of only 55,000 people within 65 square miles.  As my… Read More ›

The New Legalism

I grew up in a great church.  It was one of the most caring, accepting, and nurturing communities I have ever been a part of.  But I had the misconception that such an environment was normal.  I did not appreciate how loving the church was until I grew up and moved away from the area… Read More ›