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Easter Service?

As a kid, I remember Easter being one of the two Sundays a year that my dad went to church.  In fact, looking around the sanctuary, I probably was not the only kid who appreciated this occurrence involving their own fathers.  Year after year, the Easter service filled up with face after face of people I… Read More ›

Puppets on Strings?

  In ministry, sacrifice is critical.  After all, the core of our faith is based on the ultimate sacrifice Christ made on the cross.  We are to to die to our old selves.  Those of us called into ministry, especially, know that we have chosen a path that will often require us to set aside… Read More ›

Here’s Your Sign

I saw this church sign yesterday.  It simply asked, “What could this sign say to get you here Sunday?” My first thought was, “Free Beer.”  (Laugh, but it would probably work). Joking aside, the sign left me with an uneasy feeling – not about that church in particular, but about our church culture in general…. Read More ›