Nothing is truly ordinary

If these songs were written today…


Seeing how social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has changed so much about how we build and maintain relationships, I thought it would be fun to re-write a few OLD songs to make them more accurate in today’s social media culture:

Michael W. Smith’s “Friends:”

Friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the Lord of them,

Unless we’re friends on Facebook, where it’s easy to “un-friend.”

Though I clicked to let you go, unless you look, you’ll never know,

I can’t say it to your face, but we’re not friends.

Ray Boltz, “Thank You:”

Thank you for posting for the Lord

I am a life that was changed.

Thank you for re-tweeting for the Lord

I’m so glad you you shared…

“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus:”

I have decided to follow @Jesus

I have decided to follow @Jesus

I have decided to follow @Jesus

No clicking back, no clicking back.

Okay, enough.  But know this.  It’s only ridiculous until you realize how true it is 😉 .

Feel free to add your own lyrics.

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