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A Plea to Ministry Leaders

First off, we want to say we love you. Your vision.  Your dreams.  They have helped shape the world in some small way.  Or maybe in a big way.  You have made a difference. Your teaching.  Your preaching.  Your writing.  Your hard work. So thank you for your obedience and your heart.  Keep chasing after… Read More ›

Fear, Ambition, and the Earwax Principle

I read a random fact online the other day about the human body:  Your ears secrete more earwax when you’re afraid than when you’re not. I read it on the internet, so it must be true. Can you imagine, that if you got really scared, your ears started oozing wax on the spot?  Okay, I… Read More ›


Those moments of success in your life? You didn’t get there alone. Sure, you might think that you have.  We like to write our own success stories.  “Hey, look what I did!  Look who I know!” After all, we took the steps.  We answered the call.  We took the reins.  We made the difference.  Whether… Read More ›

Exposing the Secrets – Confessions of a Person Called to Ministry (part 3)

My list of confessions continues to grow.  Maybe that’s the nature of a journey of transition and healing – to IDENTIFY the things that hurt you and move on.  Confession can be painful, but it’s ultimately one of the most liberating, cathartic experiences you can have.  Because – as with everything else in our walk… Read More ›

Exposing the Secrets – Confessions of a Person Called to Ministry

There’s a song that I hate.  No… that I loathe.  It’s R.E.M.s “Shiny Happy People.”  Every time I hear those nasally-sounding lyrics sung, I want to gouge my ears out with a ice pick (do I even own an ice pick?  Well, a BBQ skewer will make a nice alternative). It’s not that I hate R.E.M…. Read More ›

Holding My Breath…

Three months ago, I jumped. I’d been involved in a church for 11 years as Creative Arts Pastor.  For most of those years, I could never imagine doing anything else.  But I jumped out. God said, “Go,” and I did. I won’t lie.  During this season, I’ve wept for what I’ve left behind.  I’ve pondered… Read More ›

Why leave something great?

On May 19, I celebrated my last Sunday as the worship pastor at Crosspoint Community Church.  Though I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many people about my reasons for leaving – and even got to preach it a couple of months ago – I want to make sure that there is a clear understanding… Read More ›