Nothing is truly ordinary



Those moments of success in your life?

You didn’t get there alone.

Sure, you might think that you have.  We like to write our own success stories.  “Hey, look what I did!  Look who I know!”

After all, we took the steps.  We answered the call.  We took the reins.  We made the difference.  Whether for that ONE day, that one amazing event, that week that was too short, or an entire season of our life.  WE did it, right?


We are never truly solo acts.  Maybe there was that teacher who pushed you to see your potential.  Maybe there was that friend who helped you overcome a bad situation.  Maybe there someone who simply asked, “Can you help?”  Maybe there was a whole team of people who helped you make that difference.  A parent.  A spouse.  A child.  A minister.  A boss.  An employee.  A voice.  An encourager.  A co-pilot.  A partner in crime.

You did not “arrive” alone.

It’s easy to forget.  I do.  I’ve walked beside people and made a difference with them and I can’t even remember their names.  There should be names to go with good deeds.  God, forgive me for forgetting.

It’s easy to forget.  It’s easy to develop a pride problem.  It’s too easy to feel like the last man standing.  It’s even easy to blame those who did not finish the journey with you.  Very easy.  After all, they’re gone.  “Gone” people can’t talk, even when you still can.

But they were there.  At some part of your “yesterday,” they walked beside you.  They lifted you up when you were tired.  They encouraged you when you wanted to give up.  They took the heat with you.  They shared your success.  They shared your failure.  Why they are gone is not important.  Maybe “gone” is good.  Seasons do change, after all.  But even if “gone” is bad.  Sin is forgiven, and good deeds are remembered, right?

It’s too easy to forget.

So don’t.

Because they were in your life for a reason – even if only for a season.  And in the great Plan that only God’s mind can truly comprehend, they mattered.  Their part was foreseen by the God who brought them into your life in the first place.  And their contribution will never be forgotten by Him.

So whoever that “someone” is…


“HE will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for others, as you still do.” Heb. 6:10

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