Nothing is truly ordinary

Migration to the ordinary


I think most of us at some point in our lives desire to find our own uniqueness.  We want that unique job that fits our skills and abilities.  We want to marry that right person who is the perfect complement to who we are.  We handpick the right outfits, the right car, etc.  All these individual elements contribute to our own uniqueness.

But sadly, before most of us even realize it, we migrate back to ordinary.  We become clones of the groups or people around us.  It’s not intentional.  But it does happen.  Why?

  1. ORDINARY IS EASIER.  It’s easy to follow trends.  When others are plowing the road ahead, it’s just simply easier to follow them.
  2. ORDINARY IS LESS DANGEROUS.  To dare to do something different requires us to actually risk something – to risk failure or even ridicule.  So it’s easier to just fall in line than to set ourselves apart.
  3. ORDINARY IS COMFORTABLE.  Everything is easier when you already know what you’re doing.  Even when stuck in a bad job or relationship, it can be comfortable to “settle” rather than pursue a dream.
  4. ORDINARY IS ORDINARY.  Let’s face it.  To be ordinary is the norm.  It is expected of us.  We always want people to fall in line.

Ask yourself.  What keeps you stuck in the ordinary?

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