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Easter Service?

As a kid, I remember Easter being one of the two Sundays a year that my dad went to church.  In fact, looking around the sanctuary, I probably was not the only kid who appreciated this occurrence involving their own fathers.  Year after year, the Easter service filled up with face after face of people I… Read More ›

7 Degrees

A couple of weeks ago, the area I live in experienced single digit temperatures for the first time in 18 years.  It happened again this morning, and is supposed to happen yet again a couple of times next week.  Winter, it seems, suddenly remembered how to behave like winter. If you’re from a colder climate,… Read More ›


Last night I had a dream. Long-time friends and people I used to serve with in church were in it.  It was so vivid, it was like being there – right down to the emotions. Old friends.  Some who still are.  Yet some are not. And I woke up in tears.  I woke up missing… Read More ›


Those moments of success in your life? You didn’t get there alone. Sure, you might think that you have.  We like to write our own success stories.  “Hey, look what I did!  Look who I know!” After all, we took the steps.  We answered the call.  We took the reins.  We made the difference.  Whether… Read More ›

Migration to the ordinary

I think most of us at some point in our lives desire to find our own uniqueness.  We want that unique job that fits our skills and abilities.  We want to marry that right person who is the perfect complement to who we are.  We handpick the right outfits, the right car, etc.  All these… Read More ›