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7 Degrees

A couple of weeks ago, the area I live in experienced single digit temperatures for the first time in 18 years.  It happened again this morning, and is supposed to happen yet again a couple of times next week.  Winter, it seems, suddenly remembered how to behave like winter. If you’re from a colder climate,… Read More ›


In the past few months, I’ve been exploring God’s direction and seeking new opportunities to minister to people.  During this season, I have learned that one of the greatest assets I’ve found in looking ahead is looking behind and remembering how my ministry and pursuits have been shaped by people in the past. I am… Read More ›

Fear and Monsters

When I was 13 years old, I took one of my first hiking/camping trips into North Georgia with a group from my church.  I loaded up my frame backpack, hopped on a van, took the 1.5 hour trip into the mountains, then we got out and hiked.  And hiked.  Okay, it was probably only like… Read More ›

Being Relevant (part 1): Recognizing Our Irrelevancy

Ladies and gentlemen please Would you bring your attention to me? For a feast for your eyes to see An explosion of catastrophe Like nothing you’ve ever seen before Watch closely as I open this door Your jaws will be on the floor After this you’ll be begging for more Welcome to the show Please… Read More ›


Last night I had a dream. Long-time friends and people I used to serve with in church were in it.  It was so vivid, it was like being there – right down to the emotions. Old friends.  Some who still are.  Yet some are not. And I woke up in tears.  I woke up missing… Read More ›

Brain overload!

After meeting with some good friends at Journey Church in Chattanooga, I’m having a hard time processing all the things going through my head.  My thoughts are scattered like I spilled M&Ms in the car – they are all over the place, in every crevice of my mind, and some will probably not be discovered… Read More ›

No Thanks?

In just a couple of days, many people will be sitting down at a table somewhere engorging themselves on turkey, casseroles, bread, and assorted desserts.  There will be laughter, celebration of families re-united, and most likely a turkey-induced nap in the living room while some football game is playing.  Kids will watch the parade, and… Read More ›

Our Greatest Sin…

Our greatest sin is simple:  WE DO NOT BELIEVE. Oh, sure…we say we do.  We desperately WANT to.  We can remember the moment where we made a decision TO believe.  And we may believe enough – to pray, to hope, and to find comfort when things get rough.  We may believe enough to go to church or open our… Read More ›

Stop Caring.

Stop.  Just stop.  Caring is overrated. Stop caring about your image.  Stop caring about rumors.  Stop caring about what other people think.  Stop defending your reputation.  Stop wasting time answering to those who don’t hold your eternity in their hands. Stop playing games with manipulative people.  Stop jumping through hoops to make people happy who… Read More ›

Fear, Ambition, and the Earwax Principle

I read a random fact online the other day about the human body:  Your ears secrete more earwax when you’re afraid than when you’re not. I read it on the internet, so it must be true. Can you imagine, that if you got really scared, your ears started oozing wax on the spot?  Okay, I… Read More ›